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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions by Alfalah Hajj & Umrah Services?

Alfalah Hajj & Umrah Services, Customer care department is available from 09:00am till 06:00pm Monday to Friday and from 10:00am till 02:00pm on Saturday you can call us during these hours on +44 208 625 5555. Our Customer Service Executive will be more than happy to assist you. Out of office hours you can contact us via email for all bookings, change of bookings and Refunds etc. on

You will get an e-mail from Alfalah Hajj & Umrah Services, as soon your Booking is confirmed, please check your junk/spam folder as well.
If you have not received a confirmation e-mail from us or cannot locate a successful transaction, please inform and contact us through our WhatsApp chat support system or e-mail

There is, absolutely, no need to Re-confirm your reservation. If you do need any information, call our customer care service team at our call-centre number provided above or you can visit airline website and check your reservation.

In case if your booking is on Fly Dubai, IndiGo, Tiger Airways, Air Asia or Scoot, we would like to e-mail you a separate confirmation mail which will also serve as your E-Ticket. This means you will possess two confirmation emails, one from the Alfalah Hajj & Umrah Services and one from the Airline.

Kindly Note that Airline booking reference is different from the ‘Alfalah Hajj & Umrah Services’ booking reference number.
While checking your flight on the Airline’s Website, please use only the airline confirmation number (PNR).

A maximum number of total 9 seats can be booked at one time per customer. If you need to have a booking for more than 9 passengers at a time, please send us an email or call +44 208 625 5555 and it will be treated as a Group Booking.

Alfalah Hajj & Umrah Services, Website mandates both of the first (given name) and the last (surname) during the booking process. You will be able to do so by repeating the name again on both the first and last name fields, followed- up with a call to our Alfalah Hajj & Umrah Services Support Team immediately after booking online. Live chat with or customer care expert in order to amend the given name on the flight booking, so to reflect the correct single name as per your provided passport details. However, please note that to process similar name changes there may be some respective airline fees involved.

In most of the cases, you will need to change the Flight Terminals to board on your connecting flights. The terminals are usually at quite some distance from each other and you all need to carry & set aside some extra time in hand to walk from one to another. Please must ask about your terminal as soon as you arrive, as gate numbers and terminals can seldom change at the last moment.

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