Flights and Transfers

Departure date
15 AUG 2018
Return date28 AUG 2018



Makkah HotelHilton Suites
No of Nights10
MealsHalf Board
Rating5 Stars
LocationFacing Haram



Medinah HotelDar Al Taqwa
No of Nights3 or 4
MealsHalf Board
Rating5 Starts
LocationFacing Haram


Mina & Arafat

Distance from Jamarat1 hr walk
MealsPacked Meals
No of NightsDuring Hajj Rites



Jeddah >> MakkahGov A/C Coach
Makkah >> MadinahPrivate A/C Coach
Madinah >> JeddahPrivate A/C Coach or Flight



Hajj Draft


5Ltr. Zamzam

Hajj Seminar



This Package is non-sifting, i.e. we do not accommodate in Makkah Azizyah * Departure and Return dates are subject to changes


Hajj Itinerary (2018 To Be Confirmed)

DateArabic DateDescription
15/08/201804/12/1439 Departure from London Heathrow to Jeddah, Check in Hilton Suites  Makkah, Perform Umrah
16/08/201805/12/1439 Free day
17/08/201806/12/1439 Makkah Ziarats
18/08/201807/12/1439 Free day / Meeting
19/08/201808/12/1439 08th Dhul Hijjah – Journey to Mina
20/08/201809/12/1439 09th Dhul Hijjah – Day of Hajj in Arafat | Night in Muzdalifa
21/08/201810/12/1439 10th Dhul Hijjah – Back to Mina | 1st Jamarat Stoning | Back to Makkah hotel | Perform Tawaf E Ziara & Sai | Back to Minah
22/08/201811/12/1439 11th Dhul Hijjah – 2nd Jamarat Stoning | Night in Mina
23/08/201812/12/1439 12th Dhul Hijjah – 3rd Jamarat Stoning | Back to Makkah hotel
24/08/201813/12/1439 Free day
25/08/201814/12/1439 Journey to Madinah – Check in Dar Al Taqwa Hotel | Visit Roza Mubarak
26/08/201815/12/1439 Madinah Ziarats
27/08/201816/12/1439  Free Day
28/08/201817/12/1439  Return Flight to London.
Important Notes:(1) The hotel in Makkah is booked throughout Hajj – you will have access to your room during the days of Hajj
(2) European Tents can be upgraded to VIP Tents
(3) At the time of this brochure fights are To Be Con rmed, please contact us for updated info
(4) Economy can be upgraded to Business class air tickets
(5) Starters Pack includes: Hajj & Umrah Guide, Umbrella, Sleeping Bag, Stones Bag
(6) The departure and return date may change, please arrange your plans to + – 1 day
(7) The day of Hajj is relative to moon sighting and may change


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Available departures

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MadinaMedina is the second-most important city in Islam and a major pilgrimage destination. “Medina” means the “City of the Prophet,” is in the Hejaz region of western Saudi Arabia. It was to Medina city that Muhammad fled when he was initially driven out of Mecca, and the place where he attracted his first followers. Medina Read more


MakkahMakkah is a holy place of Muslims in Saudi Arabia where it is believed that the prophet Muhammad lived and taught more than 1,300 years ago. Mecca is the holiest city in Islam. Mecca had become an important place in the history by the time when Prophet Mohammed (peace is upon him) was born in Read more

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