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We offer a wide variety of Umrah Packages for 2021. Alfalah Hajj and Umrah have been helping people to perform these sacred obligations and Sunnah for many years. Each Umrah package is exclusive and tailored to meet your needs, with deals that get better and better as we constantly improve them.

Umrah is a Pilgrimage to Makkah that unlike Hajj can be performed anytime throughout the year. Umrah is commonly known as the Lesser Pilgrimage or the Minor Pilgrimage. Performing Umrah is not an obligationon Muslims, but its reward is considered to be no less than Hajj in the month of Ramadan. Umrah includes Tawaaf around The Holy Kaaba and Sai between the mounts of Al-Safah and Al-Marwah in the sacred Ihram.

We are trusted Umrah package providers with great reviews and offer a great deal of experience as Umrah tour operators. We tailor each and every Umrah Package to offer a great choice of options & to suit all budgets all of which are detailed and explained fully and very easy to follow. We always use proper Umrah tour guides and experts to assist you in your sacred journey to make it a lifelong memory. Choose from the best Umrah Packages, and tailor your trip to meet your exact requirements.

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UMRAH Package 2021-2022

Starting £ 1550 + Air Ticket


UMRAH Package 2021-2022

Starting £ 880 + Air Ticket


UMRAH Package 2021-2022

Starting £ 545 + Air Ticket


14 Days UMRAH Package - 2022

Package: £1710


10 Days UMRAH Package - 2022

Package: £1250


21 Days UMRAH Package - 2022

Coming Soon

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